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Arthur Agatston, The Author And Creator From The South Beach Dietis The Cardiologist Based In South Flor

True to form, the particular questions also ranged on the entirety of internal medication. Cardiologists here are more aware about youngsters' needs and help all of them get rid of the disease at the first.

Everyone should be taking omega 3 fish supplements for cardiology benefits that you cannot get anywhere else, without being a slave to a slew of prescription medications. Fish oil has been proven to be more effective in treating more things than just about any other natural supplement available. Fatty acid supplementation can be a tremendous boon to your health.


Scientists first began to seriously study the cardiovascular benefit of omega-3 fatty acids back in the 1970's. They had become curious as to why it was that Inuits could eat a diet which was very high in fat, and yet the people showed virtually no sign of suffering from any form of cardiovascular disease. The study was conducted on the Eskimo population of Greenland.


The results of this study is the basis for why it is now advised that people take omega 3 fish supplements for cardiology benefits. It seems that even though the Eskimos were consuming large amounts of fat there was something that was causing them to enjoy reduced blood pressure, triglycerides, heart rate, and incidence of atherosclerosis. It turned out that it was a particular duo of omega-3s that were responsible.


Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) have now been given the +qualified health claim+ status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Canadian Government. This does not happen very often when it comes to natural substances such as this, as typically only pharmaceuticals get to be claimed as beneficial. I will tell you why these omega-3 fatty acids are far superior to any of these prescription drugs.


It is far more beneficial for you to take omega 3 fish supplements for cardiology benefits than prescription drugs, because you will not suffer any of the side effects that the use of pharmaceuticals threatens you with. I am sure that you have noticed that the list of possible side effects is typically a mile long when it comes to these +beneficial+ medications, but why should you have to deal with that if you don't have to?


Now, I am not telling you that if your doctor has you on some kind of prescription medication that you should simply quit using it in order to switch to fish oil. DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial as preventatives, and they may play a role in the treatment certain heart related ailments. It is best to talk to your doctor if you already have a condition.

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Supplementing with omega 3 fish supplements for cardiology benefits will almost certainly not hurt you if you take them along with your prescribed medication, as omega-3s will not negatively react with anything. You could come to find that you are able to cut back on the dosage of your medication after taking the supplements for a while. Just keep your doctor posted as to dosages and such.


Taking omega 3 fish supplements for cardiology benefits is something that experts recommend to anybody wanting to enjoy a healthier state. If you are not sure about giving DHA rich omega-3s a try that's okay too, because all that you have to lose is your health.


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